We welcome our Paslode specialist ‘Jimmy’ Yung Lok Lee to our technical team at A & A Equipment.

Jimmy is a fully certified repairer having been factory trained in the full range of Paslode cordless impulse and pneumatic tools through the Paslode Authorised Service Centre and has over 6 years experience.

He is well renowned for his professionalism and quick turnaround. Our customers trust Jimmy with his service, expertise and capability, and the willingness to tackle all aspects of the job to achieve optimal results.

In addition, Jimmy is also well-qualified in servicing Ramset nail guns.


Paslode Warranty Agent

We at A & A Equipment are an Authorised Paslode Repairer and Warranty Agent.



Our service includes complete strip down, cleaning, diagnostics report, re-oiling, service kits and comprehensive testing.