Mortar Mixers

Available in 80, 100 and 120 Litre



Made in Denmark, the SoRoTo Screed Mixer fits many purposes. 

Easy to transport and handle, it is lightweight and runs on single phase voltage (240V or 110V).  In addition, you can move the SoRoTo Screed Mixer with ease to wherever you need it.  It rolls through most doors and is avidly used on building grounds throughout the world, both outdoors and indoors, making the SoRoTo screed mixer the premium choice on any construction site.

With its specialized paddles can mix all materials from sand and cement to self-level epoxies quickly and homogenously. Cement and polymer based materials can achieve a perfect mix.


The SoRoTo Screed Mixer will easily mix the following:

Cement mortar

General purpose mortar

Expanding concrete

Concrete with aggregate

Concrete repair materials

Tiling adhesives and grout

Sand/cement renders

Terrazzo flooring

Epoxy systems

Facing plaster


Paint and whitewash

Self-levelling compounds


The SoRoTo Screed Mixer also has the following advantages:

Protective emergency Start/Stop switch with easy release

Air entrapment is kept to a minimum

Tool free removable paddles for ease of cleaning

It can easily be loaded onto a car by means of the small wheels

Rubber strap secures the charging hopper during transportation

Contents of bag are poured through charging hopper which is is mounted on hinges and equipped with automatic mechanical switch to meet safety regulations



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